We are a Swedish and German real estate company from Axim, in the Western region of Ghana. We specialize in developing villas, beach resorts, custom luxury homes, hotels, private residences, lodges, private villas and planned residential communities. Our goal is to build affordable houses that reflect individual clients unique needs. Building and developing is our passion and is reflected in our skilled craftmanship. We are recognized for the quality of our craftmanship and the most important is the client relationship.







We will provide the best service possible for every client we represent.

We will never tell a client what they want to hear if it is not the trouth.

We will never enter into a client relationship where we know what is expected of us cannot be done in good faith.

We acknowledge that we may lose business because we are truthful with our clients,wheras competitors may tell them what they want to hear to temporarily get their business.

We will never forget that quality of service,honesty,loyalty,understanding,accountability,and creativity are what makes us so very different from the average real-estate team.

We will always treat all parties honestly and fairly,and always offer our properties without regard to race,color,creed,religion,sex,ancestry,national orign,handicap,or family status. Bo Carlsson Uwe Ritter C&R Ankobra Ltd