Ankobra and Asanta Beach is located in the Western Region near the City Axim, the greenest spot all over Ghana, surrounded by the most beautiful sandy beach and the mysterious Ankobra River, which ends exactly here. The climatic conditions make this the most warmest place to live all year long. We offer different Building Plots and Developments so that your dream comes true to live in paradise .It would be an pleasure for us if you stay her and enjoy the most beautiful pictures from the Plots!



There is a high-standard Road to and from Ankobra Bay/Ankobra Beach/Asanta Beach.
The Street goes to Takoradi and Elubo.


Ankobra River Bridge seen from Ankobra Bay

Ankobra Bay Beach

Ankobra Bay Beach ( Plots, 40 acres total )

View through scrubs Ankobra Bay


Asanta Beach Village

Asanta Beach , Plot View, Inside

Asanta Oceanfront 10.5 Acres

Ankobra Beach East, Fisherman

ANKOBRA BEACH West View -20,6 ac

ANKOBRA BEACH , East View -20,6 ac

ANKOBRA BEACH , Plot View, Inside


Ankobra Beach , Development, Site Work